When It Comes To Marketing, It’s Important To Think Outside The Box

A business’s success rate often has a lot to do with its marketing campaign. After all, how is the public going to know and recognize a specific company if said company hasn’t been effectively marketed to the public?

Not only is it important for a business or company to market itself, but also the marketing must stand out and be unique. After all, there are hundreds of companies in the world; some companies are extremely similar when compared. Therefore, when it comes to advertising, the methods need to be fun and inventive. One way for a business to accomplish this goal is through Guerrilla Marketing.

Guerrilla Marketing

This different form of marketing is known as being low cost and unconventional. And while it was quite effective a couple of years ago, if done correctly, companies can still find benefits to using this branch of advertising.

The most notable forms of Guerrilla Marketing include, but are not limited to: graffiti, stickers, flash mobs, and more. This method was invented for companies to rely on time, energy, and imagination when it comes to promotions, versus big budgeted strategies.

The Main Purpose

As with any type of marketing or advertising, the main purpose behind Guerrilla Marketing it to create buzz. A company hopes to not only generate buzz through this method, but also to provoke thoughts, making the concept go viral.

Other, More Outrageous Forms

Sure, there are traditional marketing tools that are still proven to be successful i.e. commercials, radio spots, newspaper ads, banners. However, Guerrilla Marketing has put a spin on old concepts.

For instances, there is a tool known as ‘forehead advertising.’ This method is exactly what it states: a temporary (and sometimes) permanent tattoo is placed on the forehead to promote a specific business, company, or product.

Undercover marketing or buzz marketing has also proven to be useful, as product placement is used in a subtle sort of way. During this process, consumers don’t even really know they are being market to.

For example, a business or company may hire an actor to use a certain product in the midst of targeted audiences. The actor will not only use said product, but also talk it up, referencing all of its benefit, etc. The actor may even go to hand out samples or coupons of the product.

Though it may not seem too off-the-wall, but viral marketing could also be considered a type of Guerrilla Marketing. Viral advertising is used via social networks to increase brand awareness and create buzzwords for a specific product.

As with any aspect of advertising or marketing, there are risks involved when it comes to Guerrilla marketing i.e. misinterpretation of a product. However, if done correctly and adequately, then Guerrilla Marketing could potentially pay off. A business or company may choose to try or use Guerrilla Marketing because it’s different, unique, and could cause a product to stand out from the pact. Though unconventional, this method is also effective.

This is a guest post written by Ashley Williamson, a freelance business writer. This time she writes on behalf of banner4sale.com. When she is not working she likes to travel and do yoga.

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