Teaching Kids about Playground Equipment Safety

In the growing competitive world we all understand the importance of giving our kids a healthy and safe environment where they can play and grow in the natural environment. Such kids have proved to have enhanced concentration, with better school results, reduced symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and reduced stress levels. The playground is the ideal place to achieve this for our kids. Though while we all can buy the best and safe playground equipment, ensure all precautions are taken when construction a playground, be around children when they are at the playground. But this is not a fool proof way to keep them safe when playing. So, the best way to ensure the safety of our children is to teach them about kids playground equipment safety.

Below is a list of the safety guidelines for some of the commonly installed kids playground equipment.

  • Make your child understand that they should never stand or kneel on a swing and while swinging and stopping always  hold the handle tightly. Never overload the swing as it meant to hold only one person at a time or walk in the vicinity of the swing when someone is swinging.
  • The seesaw is one equipment that is not a good choice for preschoolers as it needs coordination and cooperation among the kids. The kids need to maintain a balance of weight on both the sides. Instead of adding a friend on the lighter side, teach your child to find a new partner. They also need to keep their feet out from beneath the seesaw and never side below the raised side of the seesaw.
  • Kids should learn to climb on the top of the slide slowly and they should never slide on their stomach or head first. Moreover, always check the bottom of the slide to ensure it is clear there is only one kid on the slide platform.
  • It has been found that the climbing equipments are responsible for maximum injuries in a playground. You need to educate your child that they should never race across the bars with other kids and also go on the age appropriate climbing equipments. All the kids should start and finish from the same direction otherwise they might bump into each other.
  • Before using the soft contained playgrounds it is important for the parents and other people concerned to check that there is no tear in the netting and the flooring. Teach kids to use only the playground meant for their age and never wear necklaces, loose strings, or earrings as such accessories can get caught in the net. For tube slides they should never climb the slide and make sure that the slide is clear before going down.

In the end, playground plays a very significant role in the overall growth and development of the children and by teaching these simple safety measures to your kids when on any of their favorite kids playground equipment you can without worrying let them enjoy  to the fullest.

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