Getting Rid of Maddening Blackheads through Natural Ways

Okay, you must admit that blackheads are really maddening. It is annoying and really is unsightly. It ruins your perfect skin day and even gets to your nerves at times. Or all the time. Though blackheads may not that visible to other people at far, it is visible in the mirror and it just shows that your face isn’t that clean.

Blackheads are sebum that plus the hair follicle or the pores in your face. Mostly it becomes black and darkened due to oxidation. You are prone to blackheads if you have big pores and oily skin.

Minimize Blackheads

1. Avoid cosmetics. Avoiding cosmetics will help your skin breath. Sensitive skin is prone to blackheads too.

2. Increase fluid intake. Hydrate.

3. Adopt healthy lifestyle. Eat the proper food and exercise. Avoid fatty foods.

4. Develop a good cleansing and moisturizing routine.

5. Avoid pricking your blackheads. This will make everything worse than before as your hands and you fingernails are usually laden with dirt or germs unseen by your naked eye.

Natural Blackhead Fighters

1. Nutmeg and Milk. Ground Nutmeg can act as an exfoliate and as a scrub. A healthy scrub that is. It helps get rid of oil too and helps in smoothening your skin. The milk on the other hand breaks down your old skin cells. As you wash later, it will be washed away as well.

2. Baking soda, lemon juice and sugar. Combine all ingredients and put in a clean face. Apply it in circular motion and keep it on for a few minutes. DO not make it too rough though. Rinse and see the results.

3. Honey. US an all natural honey that is very sticky. Pat the honey in your skin and or in the part of your face that needs blackhead removal. Pat it and let the blackheads stick and be pulled out.

4. Egg whites. Use egg whites as mask in here. Spread itall over your face. Layer it but be careful in letting the first layer dry out first. Let it dry. Then you will feel your skin getting tight after 15 minutes. This will be the right time to clean it out already. Use a washcloth that has been wet by lukewarm water. Scrub the egg whites gently.

5. Brush. Yes a toothbrush. Use a clean and soft bristled one too. Dip it in lemon juice and add some oily skin friendly oil. Scrub in your face or the part which has blackheads. Do it gently too. And do it once a week only.

So in between prevention and remedy, you may have options. If it doesn’t happen still, why not consult the help of your dermatologist? It still pays to know it right from the professionals right? Have a facial. What is a facial? It’s a way to get rid of those blackheads, so maybe it’s time you consider it instead of the above alternatives.

So get rid of blackheads, get rid of maddening blackheads, and start now.

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