5 Things To Remember For A Weekend Break

One of the hardest things to do when taking a short trip away is trying to remember everything. If you are like me then you will be packing last minute and throwing everything into a gym bag and leaving straight away. This might be one of the main reasons I forget things. On the other hand you might be very organized and have a big list ready but if your not then here are my top 5 things to remember when taking a short break to a Hotel, and do remember that if the kids are going with you that there is plenty of activities for children too!

Hotel Reservation Confirmation

When packing my bag I always say to myself remember the print off with the hotel reservation number. I will say it every two minutes and then I go and jump in the car and forget them.

A little tip I learnt to do is to print off two confirmation slips and put one in your bag straight away and then leave the other one beside your car keys this way if you forget it then you will have a spare copy. This way you avoid the panic of not having it and the possibility that the hotel will have no record of your payment.

With smartphones advancing so much you can store most reservation number on your phone or access your email when you get to the hotel.


Now this is a must when travelling anywhere for the weekend although you might get away with packing no clothes for an over night trip.

Clothes are quite tricky because you have to remember to pack for both the day and night. Remember to pack only the clothes you need for the events you will be doing. If you are going for a mountain hike or a walk on the beach you will want to have confortable clothes with you. However if you are going to the Theatre and out to dinner you will want to pack your favourite outfit so you feel great.

If the hotel you are staying in has a spa or swimming pool remember to pack some a swimsuit.

One last tip to remember is to pack socks! There is nothing worse than going for a lovely relaxing walk on the beech and then have no socks to put on at night.


I know I sound annoying but these are the things people forget when taking short breaks away.  Just remember to pack your toothbrush, make sure it is the first thing you do. The last thing you want is to be walking around with dirty teeth or have to buy a new toothbrush.


You won’t get very far without money unless it is an all inclusive weekend so it’s understandable in that case. If you are going to a different country make sure you have some cash with you. If cash is not an option then try and remember to bring your debit or credit cards so you have some way of paying for things.

Pre-Booked Tickets

If you have booked any events make sure you pack these tickets first because it would be a nightmare if you forget them. The same as the hotel reference number print two sets and make sure one is buried in your travel bag.

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