India Vs South Africa Lucknow Tickets

There are limited numbers of sports which are followed in India. Cricket is the most famous game among the countrymen. We have seen many housefull matches even though the stadiums are big enough to accommodate thousands of spectators. The game has such a high fan following in India, most of the ODI matches attracts a very big number of fans. The Indian cricket team is playing a good number of games these days. Since the last 10 years, Indian team played more than 250 ODI matches and won more than 60% of those competitions. Indian team has played the second most number of matches after Sri Lanka. The year has been most successful for India as they are the top of the table with most winning percentage. The Indian team is playing three matches ODI series during South Africa Tour of India 2020. The India Vs South Africa Lucknow tickets would be sold in a regular way. The Indian team has played with Australia and Sri Lanka at the start of the year in their home. The Indian team also visited New Zealand for a long two months tour. Once they are back, they are ready to take on South Africa for the ODI series.

The Indian cricket fans love to watch their team playing with South Africa. The put up a good competition and the matches are really interesting. This is the reason, India vs South Africa Lucknow ODI tickets are in high demand. Indian team have first match scheduled at Dharamshala stadium. The India Vs South Africa Lucknow tickets have been awaited by fans since long. The South Africa Tour of India 2020 tickets are facing similar demand for all three matches. The main cities are chosen for hosting the matches. The demand for India Vs South Africa 2nd ODI tickets is quite high as limited number of matches are played in Lucknow. This is a three-match series and both the teams are preparing to win it completely. If you manage to win the first Match, it becomes a knockout series for the other team. This makes the series very much interesting. We have seen India Vs South Africa 2nd ODI tickets searches. The second match of the series is hosted at 15 March. This is hosted on a Sunday, which is a treat for the fans as they can come to watch the match without worrying about their offices. One can start to search for booking India Vs South Africa Lucknow tickets with thinking about taking a leave. The below article is written the help you in booking India Vs South Africa Lucknow stadium ticket for 2nd ODI.

The India vs South Africa matches are always close. The teams have good players and they can change the result at any point of time. There are many players in the team who are famous among Indian fans. South Africa is one such team which have a good fan following in India. Many South African players have admitted that they love to play in India. It is their sportsmanship that they have managed to get support in India, where people are too passionate about cricket. The India Vs South Africa Lucknow tickets for 2nd ODI are expected to have high demand. The reason for such demand is that people do not want to miss an interesting match played between two big teams. Booking India Vs South Africa Ekana stadium is simple these days due to the introduction of online ticket booking. The last series between India and South Africa was a bad one from the perspective of the guests. With Africa lost 3 Matches test series without winning even a single match. The T20 series was a tie but the team couldn’t make a mark in the tour. This is the opportunity for the guests to win the series and take their sweet revenge. The India Vs South Africa Lucknow tickets booking can be done by offline mode or online mode. Both of the modes are safe and secure for reserving your seat for the match. You will find it easier to book India Vs South Africa 2nd ODI tickets if you living far from the stadium. There are limited matches that are hosted in Lucknow and hence the ticket demand here is quite high. The India Vs South Africa Lucknow stadium tickets booking is experiencing a good number of hits online. You may go ahead and book India Vs South Africa Lucknow Stadium tickets, once the tickets are out.

Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ekana Cricket Stadium Lucknow will host the 2nd ODI between India and South Africa on 15 March 2020. It is the second ODI of the 3 match ODI series. Lucknow newly built stadium has been chosen to host this match. After the announcement of the important international matches in Ekana Stadium, India vs South Africa Lucknow tickets are in high demand. People of Lucknow and nearby region are looking for the match tickets as many people want to enjoy the live match in the stadium. It is the second international stadium of Uttar Pradesh after Kanpur Green park stadium. South Africa is on India tour to play 3 One day international matches. The duration of tour is 7 days to paly 3 matches. In the Last tour od South Africa to India in 2019, the T20 series has been leveled by 1-1 and test series have been won by the Indian cricket team. Now the Africa team wants to win this series to take revenge on test series.

During the 2019 World cup, the Indian team has won the ODI match against the African team. As of now, Indian team looks strong as compared to the SA team. On Indian grounds, it is very tough to win against the Indian team. The clash between both the teams has risen up India vs South Africa Lucknow ODI tickets. Cricket fans of both the nations are looking for Ekana stadium tickets for Ind vs SA ODI match. Indian tean ODI match is being hosted in UP after a long time and people are looking for India vs South Africa Ekana tickets. Many cricket fans from South Africa will also travel to India to support the Proteas cricket team. It is a memorable experience to watch a live match in Indian cricket ground among the super energetic cricket fans. We are also waiting for this match along with the other cricket fans.

This stadium was established in 2017 to promote cricket in state and reduce dependency on Kanpur Green park stadium. The stadium seating capacity is 50000. It is owned by Ekana Sportz City and architect os the stadium is Skyline Architectural Consultants. It is operated by Ekana Sportz City and main tenants are India national cricket team, Uttar Pradesh cricket team and Afghanistan national cricket team. Indian team has only played one match against West Indies in November 2018 and it was a T20 match. Recently a whole series between West Indies and Afghanistan has been played here including test matches. During tthe matches. Ekana stadium tickets are in demand among the local and playing nation fans. We are expecting a huge demand of Ind vs SA Lucknow tickets during the upcoming series.

India Vs South Africa Lucknow Tickets

The Lucknow stadium is also known as Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ekana Cricket Stadium. It is quite a long name and the commonly used name is Ekana stadium or Lucknow stadium. The Indian cricket team would be preparing according to the pitch of the stadium. The toss might also play an important role in the match. There are many fans which were waiting for an ODI match since long, hence we are sure that the stadium would be close to being houseful on the Match day. The fans have planned to book India vs South Africa Lucknow tickets booking. We are sharing some details below which might help you in booking India V South Africa 2nd ODI match.

India vs South Africa Lucknow ODI Tickets Details

Series: South Africa Tour of India 2020
Match Format: ODI
Series: India Vs South Africa ODI series
Stadium: Lucknow stadium/Ekana Stadium
City: Lucknow, UP
Seating Capacity: 50000 (Approx)
Day: Sunday
Date: 15 March

India vs South Africa Lucknow Tickets

The cricket matches are eagerly searched by fans as they have too much interest in watching the match. The India Vs South Africa series is having a special place in the heart of hands as the match between those two teams is mostly interesting. The Indian team has Virat kohli as a good leader who pushed the team to perform better. He has emerged out to be a great player in the last decade. We have seen him improving everyday, match by match. He has set up a high benchmark of fitness along the team mates. Under his leadership, team has improved very well. The fans loves his energy and consistency. India vs South Africa tickets have high demand and Kohli is one of the many reasons. We have players like Bumrah in the blowing line up who can perform well in any format of the game. So the competition is going to be interesting. The fans are well aware about this fact and they have planned to book India vs South Africa 2nd ODI tickets. The South Africa of India 2020 tickets booking would be done online and offline. Both the modes of tickets booking is quite famous. The Ekana stadium seating capacity is. Very good and it can accommodate 50,000 spectators. India Vs South Africa Lucknow ODI tickets booking process is explained later in the page.

Cricket tickets are always in demand and during the India international matches, ticket sales are always very high. We are expecting a high demand for match tickets between India and South Africa matches. The ticket would be sold in two methods for this 50000 seating capacity stadium. For offline tickets, a visitor needs to visit the stadium ticket counter or kiosks to book the tickets. We are expecting that India vs SA offline tickets might be available through Ekana stadium ticket counters. Online tickets for the match is expected to be sold through reputed websites like bookmyshow, eventsnow, PayTM or insider website and app. These tickets are always in high demand and India vs SA Lucknow ODI match tickets are hard to book. Lower price ticket sells out soon as compared to other tickets.

How to Book India vs South Africa Lucknow Tickets

Booking a match ticket is a simple task. These are available online and offline mode. We are sharing the method to book Ind vs SA Lucknow online tickets. You have to visit the authorized website to check and book the tickets. People who are planning to watch live matches in the stadium should plan accordingly as the match tickets sold out very quickly. You can follow the below steps if you are looking for the match tickets.

Both teams are in good form. Indian team seems to be having an edge at the match is scheduled at their home ground. It is a very good sign for Indian cricket fans as it is quite easy for them to watch the match in the stadium. Few people still have the question as to how to book India vs South Africa Lucknow stadium tickets online or offline. The process of booking tickets is quite easy. When you are trying to book India vs South Africa online tickets, you will need the internet and smartphone. It can be done while sitting at the comfort of your home and you need not to go anywhere. The offline booking process need physical effort. You will have to visit the Lucknow stadium ticket counter and get your ticket from there. You may check the India vs South Africa 2nd ODI online ticket booking process here.

  • using the browser, go to the ticket booking website.
  • You will have to visit the events and sports section of the website.
  • The South Africa tour of India 2020 series tickets should here, click on it.
  • It will have the India vs South Africa Lucknow tickets.
  • This page has the Lucknow Stadium seat map and India vs South Africa Lucknow stadium ticket price.
  • Select the seat of your choice by looking at Lucknow stadium layout.
  • After selecting the seats, you may go-ahead to the next page.
  • Complete the payment here using the various modes of payment.
  • You may choose the home delivery option or box office pickup.

India vs South Africa Lucknow Stadium Tickets Price

The India vs South Africa Lucknow online ticket booking process is simple yet effective. The Lucknow stadium has a good seating capacity and a lot of space to accommodate approx 50,000 spectators. The stadium has hosted many matches successfully. The India Vs South Africa Lucknow ticket price should start at 500 Rs per ticket. The tickets are priced at the higher category as well and it goes up to 5000 – 7500 Per tickets. The ODI match would start at 2 PM and it would end nearly at 10:30 at the night. The best part about this match is that it is scheduled for play on Sunday. Being a holiday, the match is expected to have a good crowd gathering. You may book the India Vs South Africa tickets in advance and get your preferred seat reserved.

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