All about advanced air ambulance services

An air ambulance is a fixed wing aircraft, which helps in assisting the transport of ill people from one place to another regardless the distance. It is a specially designed aircraft that is with a built in stretcher system and fully equipped with life supporting medical equipment. The advanced air ambulance services within the aircraft are supported along with the presence of a professional medical expert. In general, an air ambulance will be providing complete and competent medical services like picking the patient from the nearest hospital and transporting them to the desired destination without disturbing the treatment given even in the air with the help of all the medical equipment available on the aircraft.

All about the air ambulance services:

Here are some of the facts and features related to the advanced air ambulance services.

  • The patient will be picked up through a ground ambulance, transported into the aircraft with complete life supporting equipment and will be transported into another ambulance at the destination through which the patient will be sent through the hospital.

For a controlled operation of the air ambulance services, the following key features are pretty crucial. They include:

  • Dedicated staff: Ambulance services remain incomplete without the presence of dedicated ambulance staff. Though the aircraft is with all the advanced equipment, the ground staff and the crew members must be sensible and alert all the way for a safe and secure transport. It should also provide the services of a registered nurse, a paramedic, a specialist depending on the needs, a general physician will also accompany the sick.
  • Reliable services: The aircraft staff should also offer reliable services. The medical equipment must offer assured service. This can be achieved only through proper maintenance of the medical equipment. Also the respective services like neonatal care units like incubators, paediatric nurses must be provided during the ill child transport.
  • Fully equipped: The aircraft must be completely equipped with all the life-saving support equipment, which are extremely crucial for better assistance of the ill persons. The general equipment present in an aircraft offering advanced air ambulance services include a cardiac monitor, defibrillators, IV pump, infusion pumps and IV solutions, oxygen supply, stretcher, blood pressure cuffs, and more.

Safe transport: An air ambulance must ensure safer transport options because the services are employed only during high emergencies, like transporting sick people for a medical treatment or for the sake of a specialized rehabilitation. It can also be used when the individual being transported demand the need for a stretcher