Designer Kangan – Uniquely Designed Fashion Jewelry

There has been something romantic and mystical about the Orient in the eyes of the world and still people do a lot of research on the culture and practices of the people who live in Asia and in particular, the Indian Sub-continent.  Unlike Western women, Indian women wear a lot of jewelry of different kinds. Some of these items of jewelry would start from the head and go right up to the toes, with the ears, nose, neck, wrists, hips, ankle and even the fingers of the hands and legs.

Perhaps on ceremonial occasions like weddings, women may wear all of these together, but at normal times some minimum jewelry can always be seen on Indian women. Among these, are the bangles on the wrists; bangles come in various designs made in gold or other materials. Designer Kangan is one such item that is made and sold to women not only in India and the Sub-continent, but the world over.

Kangan Has a Unique Design to it

While the nomenclature bangle can cover practically everything worn on the wrists, there are some designs in bangles that get categorized as ‘kangans’ A kangal would normally have a width, while most bangles are thin in nature. Those who can afford, go in for kangan in gold. Here again there would be enormous design work printed on the surface of the kangan. But it is in the fashion jewelry segment that one can see the maximum varieties of Designer Kangan.

The variations can be seen on the base material, the additional inputs used to give the kangan substance and then the finishing on top of the surface. You could pick up a gold plated kangan with a shell like structure and a thick piping inside made from lac and some exquisite design in the same metal material to lift its appearance.

Colorful Designs Also Possible

Designer Kangan can actually be ordered to particular designs if the quantity is large enough. The makers of these kangan and other bangle varieties operate from specific locations in India where they get the artisans who work on designing these products and then making them. Most of these products are not machine-made, but hand crafted and the craft is handed down through generations of families who specialize in them. There is a lot of value of these fashion jewelry items all over the world. It attracts not only women of Indian origin living across the world, but from other natives as well. It is a classic case of preserving some of the old traditions still alive.