Wooden Pallets – Useful Support in Material Handling Applications

Storing and transportation of goods is an area where businesses invest a lot of time and effort in order to bring down costs. Wooden pallets serve a useful purpose in stacking and moving several packages at once. In addition, products which are otherwise difficult to handle can be placed on the pallet and moved with a pallet truck. Wooden Pallet Manufacturers therefore cater to the entire range of industries and businesses. There are different types of pallets which serve specific purposes and while the base and the provision for the forks of the forklift truck to be inserted, while lifting, remains uniform, the super structure can be modified to suit customer’s needs.

Sizes and Finishes Become Important

When the products to be handled are of type that can be placed on plain surface of the pallets and secured from all sides, the universal sizes and designs of the pallets are preferred. There can be factors, like the weight of the goods to be carried on the pallet, will decide the type and quality of wood used, including the thickness of the planks and so on. But when there are special requirements like gas cylinders to be stacked and stored or moved, then there has to be a tailor made design for wooden pallets required.

Similarly, the surface of the wooden pallets has to be treated with chemicals to ensure that the wood does not get affected by termites. In fact, if the products are being exported on pallets, many countries will insist on the wood being certified as termite free and good for import into their country. The Wooden Pallet Manufacturers are able to produce such certification so that the buyers who wish to use these pallets for exports can do so without any worries.

Protection of Environment not affected

The concern of some could be on the use of wood could lead to trees being cut and therefore some effect on the environment. But the Wooden Pallet Manufacturers would hasten to allay these fears and confirm that no extra trees are cut for the manufacture of these pallets. The raw materials required for making the pallets are already available in the normal course and a certain amount of plywood material is also used.

In terms of usage and applications, there are many segments which use these wooden pallets. There are simple storage and shifting within the premises from production to warehouse and within the warehouse. The second one of course is for packaging and shipment to domestic or overseas destinations. There are other special applications also as briefly explained above.