The Role of a Transformer Winding Wire

Transformers are the appliances which you can see on your nearby electrical towers. These devices are responsible for reducing the high voltage electricity from power plants to the lower voltage electricity, so that the appliances in our homes (which use voltages thousands of times smaller—typically just 110 to 250 volts) can work. All factories, offices, and residential complexes have varied voltage requirements and transformer is the device that in order to suffice the varied needs, reduces and increases the voltage accordingly. These are also used to increase or to decrease the alternating voltages in the electric power appliances.

Functions performed by the transformers: ­-

  • The transformers are widely used for the transmission of the electric current along the wires over certain distances.
  • The audio transformers help in carrying out the two-way conversation over a single pair of wire, by allowing the audio circuits to do so.
  • The voltage that is carried in the electricity wires is much more than what is needed for the household purpose. The transformers help in decreasing the supply of the voltage to a suitable level for the low voltage circuit contained within it.

A brief about the transformer winding wire

These wires are made up of copper or aluminium and coated with the layer of an insulator. This insulation is equipped with a thin varnish coating which is associated as the enamel. The application of these wires is not limited to just the transformers, as these are also used in inductors, speakers, hard disc, and motors in which the installation of tight coils is required. The insulation is prepared from a strong polymer material. Modern magnet uses 1 to 4 layers of polymer film insulation, of two different compositions which provide a robust insulating coating. For insulating layer, the manufacturers of transformer winding wire use polymers like polyester, polyester imide, polyamide imide, wire polyimide, oil paint, paint acetal, polyurethane, etc.

Some major advantages of transformer winding wires

  • These wires take much less space for coil formation, which give higher performance and efficiency.
  • They have a good thermal conductivity that means appliances which use enamelled wire provide more electricity and there is less loss of energy.
  • They are resistant to corrosion, which increases their working life and makes them durable.
  • These enamelled wires are available in single coated and double coated wiring. The single coated wirings are known for their high thermal resistance properties, whereas the double coated wires are used for dry transformers and much more.

The exporters of transformer winding wires play a phenomenal role in making this product available across the globe. These business houses are equipped with a huge storage facility, to meet the ever-increasing requirements of the market. The exporters offer the transformer winding wire in different diameters to meet the variegated requirements of the market.