Refined Corn Oil – A Healthy Vegetable Oil

Increasing awareness of health related issues have yielded better food products to society over the years. One such great product is corn oil. The oil extracted from corn kernels is considered to have all the good features that good edible oils used for daily cooking is expected to have. The Refined Corn Oil Suppliers source these products from the best corn oil producers and make them available to their customers in. The normal pack the oil comes in is in 1 liter bottles and then a dozen or bottles in a master pack.

Quite an Evolved Process to Manufacture Corn Oil

It is the germ in the corn kernel that is used for extraction of the oil. After the corn is cleaned and the germ separated, it is again washed and dried. The dried germ is then sent to the oil expellers and extractors to extract the corn oil in its crude form. There are many by-products in the process which have their own nutrition value and are handled accordingly.

The refining of the corn oil is then carried out through several stages, which involve de-gumming, hydrogenation, deodorization and passing through filters at each stage. The final filter is a polish filter and the glittering finished product is what is shipped by the manufacturers to the Refined Corn Oil Suppliers for further trading. The refining process ensures that the percentage of triglycerides goes up and that of fatty acids goes down.

Direct Correlation to the Heart’s functioning

Corn oil’s popularity and its increased usage are being directly attributed to the high level of polyunsaturated fats. Research has repeatedly indicated that polyunsaturated fats in oils used for making food preparations, can help reduce the cholesterol levels and therefore minimize the risk of heart ailments. Almost similar benefits were observed in the case of lowering of blood pressure among people, both men and women, who were having high blood pressure, reported lowered level after regularly consuming food prepared with corn oil. As these facts become public knowledge more people have turned to corn oil for use as the primary oil in food preparation.

Many Uses within the Food Items Preparation

Customers for Refined Corn Oil Suppliers can be individual households through the retail distribution networks as well as institutional customers who use if for making products like margarine and mayonnaise and similar salad dressing products. In the restaurant settings, chefs prefer corn oil while serving up French fries and other stuff and institutions like bakeries also use the refined corn oil for preparing different baked products.