Opportunities for B2B e-Business – Connecting All Corners of the World

B2B stands for business to business, meaning this is different from where organizations sell their products to the end users or consumers. Here, one company whether a manufacturer or a supplier sells their products to another company which needs to products to be used as inputs in their business or to make onward sales through trading within their jurisdiction or country. The business model is as old as commerce itself but the new method is that it is getting done online as part of the Ecommerce space. This has opened up tremendous Opportunities for B2B e-Business across product lines and industries and sellers and buyers have virtually the whole world at their finger tips, well literally.

The Opportunity is more for those in the Periphery

The greatest significance of the emergence of Ecommerce, particularly in the B2B space, has been the opportunity that even the smallest of businesses, whether in manufacturing or services, have been able to get. Just imagine a manufacturer of wooded doors in an interior town in Vietnam wanting to find large civil construction firms or builders in India who can buy their products in container loads. In the real world this would have been extremely difficult, unless the Vietnam door maker set up an office in India and went about searching for customers. But it requires them to just register online with a B2B portal, get into the Building Materials category and post a sell lead.

Mention wood that the doors are made of, upload a few photographs of the product and leave the contact detail. The enquiries will keep flowing from the moment the lead goes live. The essence of Opportunities for B2B e-Business being encashed, lies with both the buyers and sellers. In the above example itself, if one looks at it from the perspective of the buyer, a builder in Chennai or Bangalore or Mumbai looking for good quality doors for their next huge project, would not have thought of going to Vietnam to buy them. But the B2B portal makes it possible.

Make the Leads Clear to Get Better Responses

To make the best of the Opportunities for B2B e-Business on an online portal which provides the platform, make sure you word the leads correctly and give as much details as possible. Some sites may have some limitations, on the number of words or the space allowed, to post a lead. You could still make the best out it. Better still, you could invest a small amount in taking a paid membership in the portal and enjoy better facilities.