Calcium Nitrite – A Quality Anti-Freezing Agent

Chemicals manufacturing involves maintaining proper control over the various processes in the plant and also adhering to the safety standards since many of the chemicals used in the process could be harmful if touched or consumed. There should be information boards kept in the factory so that the employees and visitors are kept aware of these risks. Calcium Nitrite Manufacturers follow these strictly though the chemical does not fall directly in the hazardous category. Calcium Nitrite is generally obtained by a reaction between nitrous oxide in the form of gas and hydrated lime. The resultant product is a white powder and it remains stable under normal room temperature.

Some Specific Properties of Calcium Nitrite

The chemical properties unique to Calcium Nitrite are its anti-freezing ability and anti-corrosion capability. These properties are used to the hilt by industries which operate at high altitudes or where the atmospheric temperatures reach below zero. For example in cement manufacturing plants or where concrete mixers operate at cold locations, addition of Calcium Nitrite to the cement mix can help de-freezing the mix and increase dilation.

The other property that the Calcium Nitrite Manufacturers exploit with this chemical is its rust or corrosion inhibiting character. The steel industry, in particular, is able to use this property and stop the steel from getting rusted. In fact this property of Calcium Nitrite is used for coating the steel used in concrete so that it prevents the steel from rust formation. Users generally prepare a solution of the chemical in slightly warm water and then use it to apply on the steel surface.

Other Major Applications and Uses

In the fertilizer industry Calcium Nitrite is used to make Calcium Nitrate, widely used directly and as a component in many fertilizer compositions. Apart from this Calcium Nitrite is also used in many other industries like pharmaceuticals, in the manufacture of dyes as well as in the manufacture of lubricants, again due to the chemical’s ability to act as a corrosion resistant component.

Calcium Nitrite Manufacturers will also provide specific instructions to their customers and those handling and transporting the chemical so that it is handled properly. There are instructions on its storage and to avoid high temperatures near the chemical. Since the usage of this chemical is largely industrial, the manufacturers pack Calcium Nitrite in packs of 25Kg or higher and those who buy in large quantities should be able to directly source from the factories. Besides the domestic market the chemical is exported in huge quantities as well.