A Glance over Some Prominent Leather Jacket Types Available in the Market


Leather apparels are all-time favorites among people for clothing and accessories, where there are many types available in the market from different brand manufacturers like Passier stirrup leathers, leather jackets and others. Leather jackets are considered to be smart unisex apparel, which provide a proper sense of masculine or feminine appearance, being fancy and stylish. Several manufacturers have started making modifications to these products in terms of their design and color to make them more spectacular and trendy.

Biker Leather Jackets

These jackets have added a style statement to bikes, especially heavy bikes like the Bullet from Royal Enfield or sport bikes, adding more comfort to two-wheeler riders. Being a famous upgrade to the rider, this is a safe addition along with being stylish and comfortable as it protects the upper half of the body from dirt, dust and sunlight, while keeping the body warm during winter. One of the best features provided with this jacket type is versatility in the use of zips for cuffs, straps and pockets, which add a younger and trendy look to the wearer. To cope up with the rising demand of biker leather jackets in the market, several brand manufacturers have started producing high quality products for biker jacket lovers.

Bomber Leather Jackets

This type of leather jacket offers a celeb-mod appearance to the wearer, making the outlook cooler like that of Hollywood stars. This apparel can enhance your personality at a particular event or during a regular routine life. Being coated with an inside buttery touch that keeps the body of the wearer warm during the winter season, this type of jacket is an expensive one, which were specially produced for air force pilots, helping them keep warm while flying under low temperature. With the passage of time, the usage of these jackets shifted from air force pilots to the fashion seekers, including teenagers, young people and Hollywood celebrities. Along with the comfort of wearing this jacket, availability of different color and pattern options makes it more appealing to the fashion lovers.

Leather Blazers

Simply putting us a leather blazer can turn your boring formal wear to informal and stylish attire, creating a drastic change in your personality and appearance. These blazers add an admiring and pleasant look to the wearer with the availability of a couple of buttons only. Being a blazer, you can wear it in your formal parties along with casual parties as well, while offering a huge impression to other party attendants. A leather blazer has become a major choice of people that are fashion conscious. These blazers are available in a plenty of designs, cuts, sizes and styles to offer different looks like traditional, contemporary or a modern outlook. Different types of leather blazers include lambskin leather blazers, button closure blazers, black leather blazers, notch collar blazers and more. Initially looked upon as an outfit for professional occasions, these blazers have been used as a versatile upgrade to your looks.

Thus, with such a variety of leather jackets on the market, you can get any one or multiple types to add to your fashion style statement for different occasions.

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