Traveling to the South: 4 Reasons to Travel South during the Fall Season

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The South is a beautiful place year-round, but some seasons are better than others. When you travel South in the Fall, you skip the winter tourist rush. You’ll also enjoy unbeatable, mild weather. Here are four reasons to travel South during the Fall season.

Extend a summer

The South is warmer, and as Fall approaches, you really only have a few more days outside. Why not soak up the sun before you resign to a dreary living room for the winter? Lay out on the beaches in Florida and Louisiana, or skim across the Atlantic in an offshore boat on South Carolina’s outer banks.

While you’re at it, take in a snorkeling lesson or rent some wave riders. You’ll get a final taste of summer, just as the leaves are turning back home.

Take a Trip for Sport

Another great reason to fly South during the Fall — sports. Your favorite Southern teams are gearing up for another epic season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins kick off as the leaves start falling, and Major League Baseball is in full swing.

Don’t worry about costs. Season ticket holders sell their unused tickets cheaper online. Whether you want Atlanta Falcons tickets for opening day, or you want to catch the Tampa Bay Rays as they fight for the pennant, you can find tickets online at a reduced cost.

Eat Up the Scenery

Don’t go just for fun, sun, and sport, go for the food. If you love great barbecue and Southern cooking, you’ll have a blast in the fall down South. The weather is perfect for an outdoor barbecue. It’s not too hot, not too cold — just like a perfectly roasted sausage.

There’s plenty of excellent barbecue houses open year-round in the South, but when you go in the fall, you enjoy shorter lines  because the tourists haven’t arrived yet. You’ll also avoid the steamy, humid summer weather that is all but stifling. Take some home and enjoy it in the midst of a chilly winter. You’ll bring the warmth of the South right into your living room.

Fall South for Great Foliage

The South has some of the most spectacular Fall foliage you’ll ever see. In North and South Carolina, the rolling hills are thick with Maple, Elm and Spruce, and it turns bright red, orange, and yellow once the cooler air rolls into town. You’ll be amazed by the variety of colors and the rolling carpet of turning leaves spread out before you.

Even as far South as Alabama, you’re in for a treat. The dense forests turn blazing shades of color. Your family will also enjoy cooler nights perfect for sleeping and ideal for camping outside. By day, you can still hike, play and even swim in the lakes for recreation.

There’s plenty of reason to fly South this Fall. Why wait for winter? Book your Southern travel plans now and make the Summer last a little longer.

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