Exercise Routine for Beginners


If you’re starting to exercise, then you should start with a workout routine for beginners, because the ideal is that the body can get used to quite regularly efforts.

It is necessary to start with a moderate exercise program that includes at least one day off a week to rest the body. The idea is to establish a routine that mainly allow adaptation and this is accomplished with resistance training.

Increase physical endurance

workout for beginners starts slowly. First, a cardiovascular exercise program that fits your fitness level and weight routine to help improve the strength and then start up the intensity and levels of demand.

Do not force your body to exercise more than they are prepared to do, as it is likely to get hurt and the idea is to avoid injury during exercise.

Fitness Plan


Walking is ideal to start a workout routine, and you can do it with the help of a treadmill in the gym or outdoors. During the first 5 minutes you walk slowly, and as the days pass you increase the speed and even the distance.

Dumbbell Exercises

At first you should choose lightweight dumbbells, those of 1 pound (half a kilogram) are ideal for those who start with these exercises. The idea is to gradually increase the weights for exercise while you’re toning and strengthening muscles.

Combine strength and cardio

Practice swimming helps you combine cardiovascular activity with strength training. When swimming you use both legs and arms to move, it helps to strengthen muscles, provides resistance and helps to build an optimal heart rate.

Weekly Exercise Routine

First, fourth and sixth day (Monday, Thursday and Saturday)

The week begins with a light routine between 20-30 minutes of cardio. You can choose to work on the stationary bike, taking a walk or doing on the treadmill or using the elliptical for exercise.

Second and fifth day (Tuesday and Friday)

There will be a physical exercise to strengthen the muscles. You will then begin with stretching and stretching and then start with a dumbbell exercise routine. For now, start with side and front extension triceps.

Third day (Wednesday)

It is a day for optimal stretching, stretching and even yoga. This will help you stick with an exercise routine and move to the next level as you achieve increased energy and strengthen your body.

The seventh day of the week is preferable to rest. Good luck with your routine!


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