Travel to Milan and Feel the Pleasure of Being in Italy


Travel to Milan and see the beauty of Italy. If you are planning for a Milan trip then it is an amazing idea because Milan is such a beautiful city in Italy. Milan is a well established and well maintained city of the Italy and most important thing that this city is the second largest in Italy and it is the capital of Lombardy. About 1.35 million peoples are residing here and the climate of this city could be summers and cold with some rainy drops or winter prevail most of the time. During winter the temperatures fall below −2 °C/28 °F which could be freezing but snow fall makes the whole city looks like heaven and it spreads magical impact on local environment.


It is holiday friendly place and there are so many flights available for this place. You can get the direct flights to Milan from 200 airports including UK, USA, Greece, Cuba, Hong Kong, Ibiza, Abu Dhabi, France and all other major places.


There are so many places to see in Milan. For example, Cultural things and Landmarks, Museums, Amusement, Zoos & Aquariums.


When you will visit the city, you will find The Duomo as a first stop. This is amazing example of architecture and beauty. You will see it when you will walk on the roof of this building. It spreads such a beautiful impression on all visitors that have come to see it.


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is the 18th century gallery that is covered with glass and iron rods. Its floor represents cities of Milan, Rome, Florence and Turin. This is the beauteous example of architecture excellences with 18th century norms.


La Scala is famous opera house that is near to the Duomo. Some of the best singers and orchestras walk here for their performances. You would need to take a ticket for it but if you couldn’t get the ticket than you should visit the Museo Teatrale alla Scala ( Museum) where you can look down the stage from one of the boxes there.


The Last Supper masterpiece is world’s one of the most painting by Leonardo da Vinci. It is on the wall of the dining hall of the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Only 25 peoples are allowed to visit there in every 15 minutes that is why the tickets are booked in advance.


Visit the Golden Triangle is the name of Milan’s famous shopping street. This is the home of famous designer shops for buying windows. You can see some creative and wonderful shop interiors and window displays in the shops of this market.


Booking your tickets well in advance for travel can save you from lot of hassles. Check out here the flights to Milan and make your journey comfortable and luxurious.

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