The Book Of Mormon In Video

The Book of Mormon

The book of Mormon is the supplementary religious text for a church called the Latter Day Saints. In recent years, the events that are depicted in this book have been turned into a script for the stage. The show is presently being shown in London, England, but had a pretty successful run in New York City, America as a Broadway show.

Many Book of Mormon London followers have queried where they may be able to view this production online. While the production has experienced a great deal of success in the London market, the producers and directors have not yet made a video or online video for it.

This is no reason to despair though. There are a number of different venues on the internet that have video copies of the New York Production. While this may not be exactly wht the book of Mormon London followers desire, it is a good preview for what they would see in a London production, or London made video.

In a different note, the production may not be available yet on video, but there are a number of other tv and video tapings on this very same subject. If one is interested in hearing or seeing the Book of Mormon a basic web search will net a number of different venues for them.

One such venue is a tv series where the book is broken down, chapter to chapter and reenacted for the viewer to attain a better grasp of the information contained within it. The acting in these productions is quite good and the information is accurate as pertaining to the work they seek to explain.

Other venues on the internet include movies that have been made as pertaining to the Book of Mormon. Some offer whole sagas, and other sites simply offer one or two of the many movies that have been made centering around the Book of Mormon. Most are pretty inclusive with the material, some do leave more important facts and aspects out of the movies.

Overall, Book of Mormon London believers need only have access to the internet ad a basic knowledge of how to perform a web search to find the many productions and documentaries on this subject. While the actual stage productions have o official videos that have been released yet, anticipation of such a production is definitely present. Unofficial videos from the Broadway production can be found, but sometimes the quality is less than what one would desire.

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