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Removal process leads to three main specific changes in your life – your address change, your social and working environment change, and your home atmosphere change. The consequences of the removal operation are closely connected with the property issue that is extremely important to be responsibly and wisely considered, discussed, and rationalized. The global property market today that includes both – purchases and rents – has been highly developed and led to the situation that the ordinary person cannot cope with all of the matters as to the property transition and to property renting. Finding a lawyers or a property consultant is the best way alternative you have, if you want everything to go smoothly and risk-freely. Even though, an attorney or consulting service is no longer as cheap as bread in the store, such an investment worth it – after all, it is the roof above you we speaking about. So, no hesitation about lawyer and legal services hiring should be noticed during your removal plan and organization. If you have an attorney as a friend, on the other hand, you are lucky, because a small consultation is enough for you to know and learn how to act, when the two removal property issues becomes an agenda.

Removal 2First of all – your old home place. The options you have are several. You may either sell the house, or you may give it for rent. The two alternatives have their own weak and strong points. For instance, if you sell your ex property immediately, no financial destabilization is expecting for you during and after the removal to Clapham. On the other hand, giving your old house or flat for rent, will provide you constant (monthly) extra sum of money that could be perfectly use for new furnishing in your new home place. An additional salary is always welcomed in the family budget, isn’t it? Though, some of you may be not ready to make any savings or to give away with the old home place. This is an option, too, actually. You can use the property for family vacation and relaxation in the weekends or you can even use the old domestic area as a working environment or an art studio you have been dreaming about for the past few years. Just, make sure you will be able to pay the taxes and bills for both properties before you make such a decision!

Second of all – the new home place. Both alternatives are available in this part of your removal plan, as well. Buying a new house, though, is an extremely huge financial operation that definitely needs a lawyer to be involved. If you want to avoid little mistakes that may cause serious damages later or even more – if you want not to be cheated during the contract argues and discussions – hire a legal consultant and listen carefully to his advices. Check if your new property is free of mortgage and review the history of the property transaction. For example, it could very suspicious if your seller has been made too many unprofessional property purchases for the past few years – beware of criminal involvement and be wise during the negotiations, because cost reduce is always a possibility. If you are renting a new home place for you or for your family, concentrate on the renting contract. Make sure the conditions satisfy you and that you have not missed any deluding clauses that will ruin your life as soon as the rent giving starts. You can also meet some of the oldest tenants and ask them about the reason they have left the house in order to make a complete and correct valuation of the property.

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