SeaWorld Orlando Attractions

SeaWorld Orlando Attractions

SeaWorld Orlando is one of the most visited theme parks/resorts in Orlando, Florida hosting millions of guests annually. It’s basically a combination of an amusement park, zoological park, and an entertainment complex with its various attractions perfect for the entire family and friends.

What Can You Expect at SeaWorld Orlando?

If you are planning a week-long vacation with your family or friends while at Orlando, SeaWorld has everything you want. Let us take a glimpse of what SeaWorld has to offer. Anyone from children to adults can find something to enjoy at SeaWorld.

The Entrance

Your entry to the park treats you to tropical scenery and a symbolic Shamu-inspired lighthouse within a huge freshwater marina. Next to the main entrance is an aquarium exhibit and Manta attraction where visitors encounter different rare species. Right from your first step to the park, you’ll find it easy to wonder off at many fun amusements in the park.

Key West

This particular attraction at SeaWorld is a replica of the city of Key West in Florida where the landscaping and structural design mimics the real deal. Here, you may get to encounter different animal species like green sea turtles, cownose rays, hawksbill sea turtle, greater flamingos, brown pelicans, American alligators and dolphins; things that you won’t easily find elsewhere in the world.

The Waterfront Village

Moving on, this is the latest themed area at SeaWorld. It is designed similar to the seaside of a Mediterranean community and this is where you will find restaurants, shops, pearl dive exhibit and the ever iconic ride – SkyTower.

Wild Arctic

This specific area of the park was conceptualized simulating an exploration base camp in the arctic with ice walls and a trapped-in ice sunken ship that shows you the way to the underwater viewing spot of the park’s animal exhibits…pretty amazing stuff.

The holiday season treats you to a Polar Express experience where the Wild Arctic is converted. Visitors get the chance to experience a Polar Express ride to the North Pole to meet and greet Santa Clause.

Other Rides and Attractions

Besides the above-mentioned attractions, you may also have the chance to enjoy:

  • The Kraken, a roller coaster ride themed after Kraken sea monster.
  • Journey to Atlantis, an indoor boat ride roller coaster that lets you experience the Atlantis world
  • Jazzy Jellies, a tower-type balloon ride that goes up and spins through a disk controlled by the rider
  • SkyTower, a spinning gyro tower that is 400-foot tall.

How to Get Cheap SeaWorld Orlando Tickets Online

Going to the theme park can be pretty expensive but there are always some ways on how to get SeaWorld Orlando tickets less than the regular price. Here’s how:

Buy the Annual Pass

If you plan to visit the park more than a few times within a year, an annual pass is a good option where you can enjoy unlimited admissions, free parking, great discounts on goods and food and no blackout dates.

Buy Directly at the SeaWorld Orlando Website

If you buy tickets in advance at their website, you can take advantage of certain small discounts instead of paying full price at the gate. You may even be able to get a free ticket on your next visit depending on the promotions they are running.

Purchase from a Third Party Vendor

There are websites that offer up to a 20% discount on SeaWorld Orlando tickets like Love Orlando Tickets. You can also check the different booths within Orlando to see if you can get legit used tickets that can be used again.

SeaWorld Orlando is one of the top attractions in Florida. With amusement attractions for any age, take the family and your friends out to enjoy the park and great atmosphere.


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