5 Steps to a Beautifully-Decorated Apartment

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If you live in an apartment, you can appreciate how difficult it is to create a comfortable living space when you are short on space. If you want to give your tiny home a look worthy of a page in a magazine, there are several things you can do without overspending.

1. Color is Your Friend

White walls can be cold and boring, but a little bit of paint can quickly liven things up. Something as simple as painting the walls a light warm yellow can quickly perk up a place, or if you’re adventurous, adding an accent wall in a dark rich color, like mocha or a deep red, can add the feel of luxury to any space. Even if you rent, many landlords allow you to paint as long as you paint it the original color before you move, and it’s a very inexpensive way to perk up your living space.

2. Use Mirrors to Expand Your Area

Adding mirrors around the house gives you unique décor that gives the added bonus of making your apartment feel more open. Mirrors give the illusion of more space, which is always useful when you live somewhere small. One big beautiful mirror can do the trick, or you can be more creative and find several smaller mirrors with different ornate antique-designed frames, which can be organized on a wall much like you would do with pictures. If you use multiple mirrors, the key is to have different shapes, sizes, and designs, which will make it more fun and interesting.

3. Avoid Clutter

When you live in an apartment, you realize how any little knick-knack takes up valuable space and can instantly make the place feel cluttered and claustrophobic. To keep your place looking clean and inviting, have as few things sitting out as possible. Keep stuff put away and only buy what is useful and will add to your apartment life without overwhelming your space. Tabletops and other surfaces should be kept as open and free of clutter as possible.

4. The Smaller, the Better

Big couches, huge dressers, and full-sized computer desks take up too much square-footage when you’re living small. Instead, find apartment-sized furniture that will keep your apartment from feeling crowded and give the impression that there is room to spare. As a bonus, smaller pieces will also be easier to move and will give you more options if you decide to switch things around.

5. Mix-and-Match with Caution

Because you have so little space and everything will necessarily being closer together, having an ornate antique mahogany table will look awkward juxtaposed with a modern minimalist couch. The easiest thing to do is to keep one color scheme and time period consistently throughout your home; this avoids that discordant feeling of items that just don’t go together, and is often the simpler approach. If you love to mix-and-match, carefully compare each piece you purchase to ensure that it’s not going to throw off the feeling of balance and harmony, because a single seemingly out-of-place object can ruin the entire effect you want to create in your living area.

It can be hard to make a small living space look open and inviting, but if you put a little bit of time and thought into the objects inside your apartment, you can create an area that is beautiful and comfortable for everyone that steps foot in the door.

Frank Unger writes for design blogs. If you’re looking for ways to make your apartment feel bigger, read about the best sectional sofas for small spaces.

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